A Weight Loss Challenge Event For All That Needed!

Weight Loss Challenge Malaysia – Turning Fats into Cash + Health
(Opens to all who live around Kuala Lumpur and Klang area for easy transport)

This is a healthy Weight Loss Challenge organized by a small organisation under a 32 years nutrition company all over 82 countries.
This event is starting to run very actively at every parts in Malaysia especially at Klang and Kuala Lumpur.
The purpose of this event is to help you to gain vital knowledge on healthy eating, exercising informations and motivational tips from our great personal health coaches(including me) and provide long term strategies for effective weight loss and an improved healthier lifestyle.

With the knowledge and expertise of the team, we’re offering you the opportunity to enter this incredible competition before the deadline on 8th July 2012 and join us throughout the next 1 week on the competition. The competition includes personal coaching and nutrition weight loss program for each of the contestants.

During this 1 week healthy lifestyle program, we will mark your progress throughout the period as you are personally trained and guided by the experts in the field. We will track your lose weight progress carefully.

During the period of the competition you will be lucky enough to receive good positive advice, a lot of nutrition information and help from well-known and experienced coaches. At the end of the 1 week, the deserving winner will share how their life has changed and a dinner-party celebration will be held on the very last day of the event which is on 15th July 2012 to congratulate those who participated and won the challenge.

Registration RM150
FREE : Body Analysis
FREE : Professional Health Consultation
FREE : Group Support & Advice
FREE : Personal Wellness Coach
FREE : Making more friends and more fun
**For those who want to lose weight with our recommended effective nutrition packages just top-up as low as RM 410 after the registration fees and extra benefits will be added to you. (Optional but highly recommended)

Prizes are :
RM1000 for FIRST Place!!
RM 500 for Second Place
RM 300 x 2 for Third Place (2 person can stand this place)

Location of event : Klang (For participant from Seri Kembangan can have free transportation to Klang as a added bonus.)

Participant are limited to 35 people only!!
Hurry up and contact me at 017-8466010, my name is Joe Key from Seri Kembangan.
The event is closing to its end already, so don’t wait anymore, give me a call or sms me if you are still not clear.
**If you are not interested or not needed to join and you know someone who are fighting to cure from obesity you can refer him/her to us.

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